About us

About Us

Petit Depot Intérieur is founded by Iris van Schaik in 2021. Iris is also the owner of Woodlovesyou&More Interior Design & Concepts for over seven years now. What started out with a design and fabrication of wooden tree trunk tables, did end up in having an actual physical store in Breda. Our craftmanship and unique style has made us expand this with interior styling & advice

We passionately offer people a homesolution that gives almost immediate results to change their house into a home. In addition to our success with Woodlovesyou&More we want to innovate and take the next step. Therefore, we also want to provide advice, furniture, and decoration for the little ones of the family. This is how our new company ‘’Petit Depot Intérieur’’ is born

I am a proud mother of our 6-year-old daughter Pip. She was our absolute gift. As a busy mom I never had the time nor the energy, to go shopping and find the right furniture. I had a really hard time finding pieces which were of the right quality, looks, and durability. By decorating my daughter’s bedroom grew my love for creating magical kidsrooms. This is exactly what Petit Depot Intérieur is willing to offer

Imagine a room where you can dream, fantasize, play and sleep and feel secure.
A place where you can let your imagination run wild!
A room for kids which you actually as a child always dreamed of, and throws you back in time! 

A space that is not only beautiful, but also functional. Using sustainable, fair and natural materials so the interior can grow with your child and perhaps be passed on to their children.
We love to help our customers with a piece of magic! ✦

We gathered a selection of the most gorgeous brands for Petit Depot Intérieur Store & Studio in Breda. We truly fell in love with all of these products. So please come and visit us in our lovely store in Breda