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Plant Power | Hand and Body Lotion

Plant Power | Hand and Body Lotion

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This skin soothing lotion is formulated with the moisturizing and regenerative benefits of rosehip, sea buckthorn, ice plant, shea butter topped up with magnesium and vitamin E to actively boost skin health. Perfect treatment for daily hydration to keep the skin nurtured, conditioned and beautifully protected. Our delicate aromatherapy blend of rose geranium, sweet orange and clove is added for skin soothing and balancing properties. The calming and grounding scent helps to stabilize mood, soothe stress and uplift the spirit.

  • Perfect treatment for daily hydration.
  • Keeps the skin nurtured, conditioned and protected.
  • Improves skin’s vitality, tone and firmness.
  • Mood enhancer, uplift the spirit.

Apply the body lotion to your hands, inhale the aroma and mindfully massage into skin.

Rosehip, Sea buckthorn, Ice plant and Shea butter, topped with Magnesium and vitamin E. Infused with Rose Geranium, Sweet Orange and Clove.

All skin types.

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