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The Tides

The Wanderer | Vagus Nerve Oil - The Tides

The Wanderer | Vagus Nerve Oil - The Tides

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De-stressing formula of soothing plant oils to activate vagal tone to regulate stress, rest and recuperation. Leaves your skin deeply nourished and hydrated.

The soft, calming and grounding aromatherapy synergy of lavender, bitter orange and ho-wood has a calming effect on the nervous system making it the perfect natural antidote for alleviating feelings of (emotional-) stress, anxiety and mental fatigue, while deeply nourishing and hydrating the skin.

100 ml

  • De-stressing formula to relax the nervous system
  • Activates vagal tone to regulate stress, rest and recuperation
  • Calms and smoothes skin texture, leaving it soft and hydrated
  • Relieves dry and itchy skin
  • Calming and grounding for the senses
  • Encourages deep rest, satisfying sleep and waking up restored

Warm a few drops between your hands, breathe in the aroma and massage with circular movements into warm skin. Preferably after a shower or bath.

Rapeseed Oil, Sea Buckthorn and Rosehip, infused with Lavender, Ho-wood, Coriander Seeds, Bitter Orange and Manderin.

All skin types, including sensitive and dehydrated skin.

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